Can you dig it?

I’m totally jazzed about the upcoming Marketing FAD which kicks off this weekend.  The Marketeers will be meeting in Raleigh, Friday (late-late Friday, probably starting at zee Waffle House!) and ending Tuesday; I’ll be headed out of town Wednesday.  We have a boatload of deliverables we plan on knocking out, and on top of that, well, FUN STUFF.  We’re going to a hockey game, for one – and, coincidentally, It will be the Carolina Hurricanes vs. Phoenix Coyotes.

So for background: Ryan Rix and I are both traveling to RDU from… you guessed it, Phoenix.  I am not exactly the world’s biggest sports nut, but of course I have to root for my hometown, so I’ve been cracking jokes about how I’m going to be decked out in my full Coyotes gear (which, of course, I don’t actually have).  Here’s a fun clip from the marketing meeting yesterday on IRC, where we were discussing any last-minute items we needed to wrap up before our FAD:

20:06:35 <spevack> so I think we're in pretty decent shape.
20:06:46 <spevack> That's really about it from my end.
20:06:47 <spevack> HOCKEY
20:06:48 <spevack> :)
20:06:48 <spevack> EOF
20:06:50 <rbergeron> oh
20:07:09 * rbergeron and rrix are bringin yotes gear
20:07:27 * rrix has a jersey :)
20:07:31 * mchua chuckles
20:07:35 <rbergeron> oh, you do? ergh
20:07:43 * rbergeron has... facepaint?

In any case: I’m somewhat packed, I’m only bringing 2 pairs of shoes (zomg, I know, right?!) because I have to make room for…


I’m up to my ears in promises. ke4qqq may be going home from the FAD with 10 boxes of girl scout cookies because of his limesurvey awesomeness (plz see my ongoing tale of luv for survey-goodness on the fp.o market research wiki page).

But seriously: I had a point to this blog post. And I’m getting to it…. right… now. 🙂

Marketing FAD 2010 – Ready to RUMMMMMMMMMMMBLE

(No, Michael Buffer won’t be in attendance. Although that would be pretty sweet, since we’re doing some audio and video production.)

In today’s marketing team meeting, we finalized the schedule and list of deliverables for the upcoming Marketing FAD in Raleigh, March 13 – 16.  I’m toooooooootally excited about all the stuff we are planning on getting done.  We’ve got 4 days blocked off for some serious marketing butt-kicking.

  • Day 1: Research and Strategy Day.  Using this day to go over market research results from our upcoming Fedora survey — if we can get some help getting limesurvey up and running, that is (yes, I’m asking for help again with packaging!). I’m also confident that the Fedora Target Audience topic will be solidified by this time (thanks Board!) – and with that information, we can go forth and put together a solid Marketing plan, and goals for marketing – both short-term and long-term.  Along the way, I’m hoping to give a crash course in how limesurvey works – and if I don’t have time that day, we’ll be sure to do a Fedora Classroom session on it.  (Actually, that’s not a bad idea anyway. I’ll put that on my to-do list. Page 489 ;D)
  • Day 2: Branding Day! We’re going to be spending the day looking through other brand books, talking with some brand folks from RH, and coming up with some solid branding guidelines – look and feel, standard fonts, colors, that kind of thing.  The goal here is to make sure that we’re all coming across with a consistent look – not to mention, reducing the load off of people who want things to look -nice-, but don’t want to spend all their time doing it.  Getting some open office templates out there and ready to use for people will really help with this.
  • Day 3: Interviews and Filming.  We’ll be using this day for capturing wonderful things and people on film – moving or still – and also audio recordings.  We want to kick off the podcast interview chain, come up with, and i quote, a “massive amount of B-roll ready footage” (I had to actually look up b-roll) …. and maybe knock out some of the Feature Profile interviews / videos for F13.  Woot!
  • Day 4: PR Day.  This day looks like it’s going to be jam-packed with funstuffs and people. Some crash courses in PR, coming up with a new, shiny, and possibly real-life-instead-of-electronic Press Kit, a concrete deliverables schedule for marketing content that addresses multiple audiences, and planning Fedora’s presence at the Red Hat Summit. (Don’t forget to do your proposals / fill out the CFP!)

So, yeah, as you can see…. a TOTALLY RELAXING TIME in Raleigh.  No, I’m kidding.  But I think we are going to have a great time and get a TON O STUFF done, which is awesome, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone there! (Except for rrix. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the airport in Phoenix to fly to Raleigh!)

And for those who can’t make it – we’ll be broadcasting, LIVE, from IRC, on #fedora-mktg (or maybe #mktg-fad…. I guess that’s something to decide!) and would love participation.  And if you’re planning on being in Raleigh (or, perhaps, not planning on leaving Raleigh) during those dates – feel free to come on by and contribute.  Meeting room is not booked yet, but I’m sure you’ll be able to detect and follow the large vibes of energy  🙂

Also: We’re soliciting any Brand Books you have around for our perusal / brainstorming purposes.  If you collect that type of thing, ping us on the marketing mailing list so we can coordinate some sort of book-sharing-going-on.  Also soliciting ideas for eating places (nom nom nom), we like to eat, and stuff.